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          1. 溫州拓邦機械設備有限公司為您提供貼心的售后服務和技術支持。歡迎來電咨詢合作!

            Tel / 0577--86389278

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            Wenzhou Tuobang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in multi-function cold heading machine research, development and manufacturing company. My company has engaged in years of research and development team machine. Companies to implement standardization and procedure of the design and production, the main function of components are imported brand. The company is equipped with a sound, advanced production equipment, using high -tech detection technology, the quality of our products to meet the industry's advanced ranks. I paid great attention to after-sales service, after-sales service of the professional and technical personnel have a high level of expertise and troubleshooting capabilities, but also fllow the "customerfirst" philosophy,the user of urgent needs, in the shortest possible time to solve various problems.

            Wenzhou Tuobang Machinery Equipment Co.. Lid. in order to "create high-quality, cost- effective products to meet cstomer demand"for quality. All "customer-centric, technology as the core, to provide users with reliable products" for the purpose of providing btter quality for the customer, efficent, timely and satisfactory customer feel "Bringing the former without worry, with greater ease," theorientation services.

            My company's machine reasonable structure, reliable performance, easy operation, perfect function, widely used in the production of fasteners, auto parts, hand tool parts, construction hardware, non-standard shaped pieces, processing of materials including low carbon steel, stainless steel, low alloy steel, copper, aluminum and the like. I also can be designed according to the special requirements of customers, to adapt the customer's production needs. Selection of the company's products will make your business flourishing,Topband machine will be able to help you open up one of their own sky in the brutal competition in the market, exclusive sequestration.